The Many Hats of a Photographer

There are so many things I love about being a photographer. I love finding new friends and flattering them. I love scoping out locations and finding hidden gems. I LOVE hearing someone is scared of being in photos and then giving them results they not only love but results that provide unforgettable life memories. 
But being a photographer requires many hats to behold and it becomes stressful at times to hold them all. Maybe you’ve wondered, why does a photographer cost so much? Why are they paid a tall price for taking photos and editing them? Well, I’m here to tell you why; because there’s a ton of behind-the-scenes when you own your own photography business. 

Something I knew before taking on the main photographer hat, was that I needed a website and a social media marketing plan. However, I was never properly instructed until a year into my business when I realized what that entailed. It’s not just posting on social media, it’s writing regular and consistent blog posts with important keywords. It’s creating a website that draws people in and knows exactly what they’re going to get delivered to them through a great experience. It’s creating a google domain, a google business page, and keeping up on reviews. Making sure your Facebook and Instagram are merged. And don’t get me started on google analytics!

Here are one people don’t think about; as a photographer, you have to be networking ALL the time. I enjoy meeting new people and can honestly say I feel so good when I have a chance to meet people and refer businesses, I’m telling you networking isn’t as easy as it seems. You spend a lot of time at community events, reaching out to wedding vendors, and finding ways to serve them. I spend time on Instagram reaching out to local businesses and complimenting the way they do business, and asking if there’s anything they need I can help with. I will volunteer for any photos they need for advertising just so I can be friends with them and so I’m the first one they think of when it comes time for them to refer someone!

Besides the photographer that there’s also the perfectionist editing hat. Editing is not as easy for me as it is for most photographers. Out of the people I have surveyed there 2 out of 3 photographers prefer editing over actually taking photos. As for me, I enjoy getting the candids and creating memories way more than sitting on my butt behind my computer for hours on end. BUT! I don’t use Ai or outsource because I know, no one can edit like me. I don’t have a copy-and-paste formula I can just plug into people. My clients pay for my attention to detail and the meticulous fixes I spend to create the perfect gallery of memories. 

There are those hats above that might be considered the fun side, and then there are finances. Do you know I have to track every spending receipt, driving miles, invoice, and deposit for tax purposes? I spend one day each week categorizing expenses and staying on top of what I made that week so I can know what to put aside for taxes. There’s nothing like a good old slap of the wrist around tax season that makes you realize saving a bit aside will benefit you greatly. 

Besides the finances, marketing, networking, and editing; the titles are endless. And yet – here I am. Still living it. Still loving it. The joy this business brings is ongoing and I will forever endure the bad for the good. It’s you, it’s the readers, the followers, the clients, friends, and family who continue to cheer me on from the sidelines. You are the reason, the love, and the why. 

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